How to clean your Hunter Boots

como limpiar botas hunter

As I told you in Hunter Boots and Christmas Sweater, I bought my first Hunter boots a year ago, and I was super excited, and after use it for last fall, I put the boots in its box and when I took them to use them, I was very disappointed; there were a lot of white patches throughout the boots. I looked for information online about this fact and I discovered it was “habitual”.

Hunter explains on its website how to care for out rain boots: we have to clean the boots with a rag and leave them to dry away fron direct sunlight and artificial heat sources. Also they tell us we should only use soapy water to clean our boots and store them in a cool and dry place; don’t use solvents and don’t store them wet, folded or wrinkled. 

On the web, they speak about “a white powder” that appears because rubber is a natural product and under certain conditions “indissoluble particles rise to the surface” and you can use the Hunter cleaning kit (20€) to restore brightness of boots, but I have to say that it’s not a simple “white powder”… 

I hadn’t the Hunter cleaning kit, so I looked for tips about how to clean my Hunter Boots, and I discovered that people use a lot of things to clean them, like olive oil, tire brightener or Nivea cream (2€). Well, I tried with Nivea cream and it works great! You can see the result in these photos ;) ¿How do you clean your Hunter boots??

Can I clean my Hunter boots with a different product? Yes, you can!

(Spanish Video)

Cleaning my Hunter boots with Nivea Cream

como limpiar botas hunter

como limpiar botas hunter

como limpiar botas hunter

como limpiar botas hunter

cómo limpiar botas de agua hunter con crema Nivea




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