Back to work in five outfits

When you are more comfortable at the beach, you realize that the month of August has flown by. And the worst part is that you get home the day before you back to work, and … Surprise! There is no sign of your workwear either office dresses in your closet; the blazers have disappeared and the pants of the meetings do not know where they are. There are only beach dresses, hats, summer flip flops and bikinis. Also, as if that were not enough, you had already forgotten the feeling of wearing jeans and when you try to get into the usual pants, potatoes, beers and all the other “extras” that you have taken since day one on vacation they pass in front of your eyes.

Back to work, the symptoms of post-vacation depression, diet, back to gym, back to school, changing biorhythms … The last thing we need is a problem about our workwear.

¿What I wear for going back to work?

If you have also suddenly returned from the beach and you only have one day to prepare the wardrobe for the new season, here I show you the necessary inspiration for those office outfits that do not come out to the first. The oversize blazer (one of my favorite garments) is still a trend, and combined with culotte pants, a palazzo or any other type of dress up pants (Chinese, cargo …), as well as with a tube or midi skirt, can solve any meeting. In addition, the oversize blazer is a super versatile item, which combined with jeans and sneakers give you the informal touch necessary to leave the office to going to after work (please, do it at least on the first Friday of September).

Inspire with these working outfits from Mango

going back to the office - workwear outfits going back to the office - workwear outfits going back to the office - workwear outfits going back to the office - workwear outfits

Shopping online: 5 outfits for going back to work 

No matter if your workspace is traditional or a business casual atmosphere, these basic clothes of autumn winter 2019 can get you out of trouble. You can wear these clothes all season and mix them with other items in your closet, without losing your own style.

Combine these clothes to create outfits for your workspace, Monday through Friday. 


going back to the office - workwear outfits

1. ZARA Shirt (29.9€).  2.  ZARA Shirt (29.95€). 3. Basico sweater ZARA (17.95€). 4. Black tshirt whit long sleeves (19.95€) 5. Top  ZARA (22.95€)
going back to the office - workwear outfits
1. Pleated Skirt from Mango (25,99€). 2. Cross Skirt from Mango (29,99€). 3. Pants whit belt from Mango (29,99€). 4. Culotte pants from Mango (19,99€). 5. Pleated Mini Skirt (22,99€)
vuelta al trabajo ropa oficina
1. Classic Trench from Mango (69,99€). 2. Trench from Zara (49,95€)3. Trench from Mango (59,99€4. Vest with belt from Zara (39,95€). 5.  Tweed blazer from Mango (59,99€
Shoes: boots, heels… 
zapatos para la vuelta al trabajo
1. Red heels from ZARA (22,95€). 2.  Loafers from MANGO (29,99€). 3. Leather high boots from MANGO (129,99€). 4. Midi heels from ZARA (45,95€). 5. Leather ankle boots from ZARA (79,95€)

*Pics from Mango and Zara


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