Cycling Shorts, the trend you love and hate

The first time we saw cycling shortstrend (in 2016) we were surprised.  The Kardashians in cycling shorts and heels was “what remained to be seen.” Although Julia Roberts already spoted this trend in the 90s, the famous sisters recovered it and four years later, it is still only for daring instagramers, influencers and fashionists. Cycling shorts look good on Instagram, but adapt it to day to day…. You need to get the hang of it.

In my opinion sales are the perfect time to invest in basics and “crazy or useless garments” (those that you have in your hands and think “well, for this price, I can risk never putting them on”) and this is what happened to me buying a pair of cycling shorts on Stradivarius (for €7.99) but when I received the shorts at home… my first thought was… Well, what do I combine cycling shorts with? Will it look ridiculous? In this city there are not even Starbucks. What am I saying !? Not even Zara!

After browsing the net for ideas, creating my own gallery on Pinterest I have come to two conclusions: the first one, there are three basic ways to combine cycling tights with style and the second one, that if you put them on there is no way not to get attention – for now.

Cycling shorts with oversized sweatshirt, t-shirt or crop top and maxi sneakers

It is the most youthful version of combining cycling shorts. The style is inspired by the culture of Latin music and influencers with a teenage audience have joined the trend combining cycling tights with oversized shirts or crop tops, enhancing curves.

Cycling tights with oversized blazer, belt and sandals

It is the option of the most chic and sophisticated influencers. Matching cycling pants, t-shirt, shirt or crop top and oversized blazer. Always (or almost always) with a belt and always with strappy sandals and low heels (kitten) or mules. Although you can choose heels … We have seen it in the feed of Alexandra Pereira and other established influencers.

Cycling pants with crop top, blazer and boots

This option is one of the most risky and choosing boots is more difficult than we think: cowboy booties or boots with a straight heel, but almost always mid-calf height.
The blazer, always oversize and the belt as an essential complement (always replaceable by a mini belt bag).

Do you need inspiration? Get it!

More outifts with cycling shorts in my Pinterest Shorts ciclistas


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