Kiwi fruit benefits at Christmas

kiwi fruit benefits

Christmas is coming and with it, the stress of buying gifts, going to shops at the last minute, taking time to see the whole family, thinking about the Christmas menu, trips, commitments, work, kids, late nights… Doing everything seems impossible more than ever, that’s why today I want to tell you all the kiwi benefits and how this fruit can help us to pass these dates with more relax and give us more vitality to get everything, winning quality of life.

The kiwi fruit benefits that improve your Christmas

One of the most well-known benefits of Kiwi is to improve digestion. After the Christmas Eve dinner and the copious Christmas meal, with those delicious recipies, desserts and all the typical sweets of these parties (in Spain, the most popular are “polvores”, “mantecados” and “turrones” indigestions are frequent. Making digestions light is one of the properties of this New Zealand fruit, which you can prepare in a thousand different ways (these kiwi recipes will love it).

On the other hand, kiwis contain triple of Vitamin C than oranges, so it is a perfect ally to avoid colds. Can you imagine a Christmas or a New Year’s Eve in bed? It’s a horror to be sick these days, but for many people this moment is very crucial, because if you don’t have a healthy diet, your defenses could descend and you could get colds or even to develop some kind of allergies . Our immune system is often sensitive to changes. So a little help, it will be great at Christmas time. ;)

Also, if you have seen my stories, as I always tell you, Vitamin C helps to care of our skin. It is a very powerful antioxidant and gives to the skin a lot of elasticity, because it helps to produce collagen. It’s the reason why farmacy and cosmetics industry have been launched creams, serums and masks with Vitamin C. And I do not know about you, but the cold affects me a lot to the skin, so the best thing is to take care of yourself inside and outside ; )

But in addition, one of the less known kiwi fruit benefits is its great capacity to bring us vitality. It means thta, it’s a fruit with a high nutritional value (you can see it here) and full of vitamins and minerals such as iron and magnesium, which help us feel more energetic, more awake and less tired; something fundamental when these Christmas dates are approaching; because fatigue prevents us, on many occasions, from enjoying life to the fullest. That’s why it’s important, not only to rest well, but to eat in a healthy way; Doing sport, dedicate time to people who bring you good feelings and enjoy your hobbies (reading, going out, dancing, going by bike, walking, going to the movies …)

Test your vitality and discover if you are ready for Christmas

If you want to know your level of vitality to face these dates, I recommend you to visit the #EspacioVitalidad of ​​Zespri and take the test. With only 10 questions you can know if you are ready for the holidays. More than 79,000 people already know their vitality level! And if you get lower than you thought, do not worry, you can train! On the Zespri website there are a lot of tricks and ideas from the best psychologists and coaches. We will improve our quality of life and our Christmas from now! Happy Holidays, dear readers!! ;)

kiwi fruit benefits

kiwi fruit benefits

kiwi fruit benefits

kiwi fruit benefits



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