Headpieces for brides and wedding guests

headpieces for brides from verbena madrid

Among all the styles of diadems, tiaras, accessories and headpieces for brides that I have seen, there is undoubtedly a brand of crowns for brides with which I’m excited. It is true that choosing a wedding dress, shoes and accessories is very personal and in my case, almost everything is very “fashion” and very “trendy”. So … you are warned! In this section (Wedding Day) you will always find the latest trends, those that are adored or hated equally. But I have an eye for trends and I assure you that although a priori seems all crazy, this trend is going to hit hard soon – or is already being sought after.

Verbena Madrid, my fav headpieces for brides and wedding guests

Today we are focused on incredible diademas or crowns from Verbena Madrid. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them because they are an ideal accessorie for simple or bohemian wedding dresses and they impregnate a unique character to the whole bridal outfit. They are the most special couple headgear I have seen so far because they are ideal for very daring brides, with a lot of personality and a fashionista eye.

If you are in love with them, and you are a wedding guests instead the bride, you can chose your crown in color matching with your outfit. In that case, you have to know that the crown is highlight, so look for a simple dress, otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a folkloric and that was not the plan, right? ;)

In the atelier of Verbena Madrid you can make your personalized crown or headpiece, rent one for € 100 or buy yours. You can also do it online. Prices range from 100 to 500 € approx. And besides, you can also make yourself with matching earrings and be a Vogue cover model or the Perfect Guest.

Would you dare to marry with a Verbena Madrid crown? Do not ask me, I’m crazy about fashion and I’m sure I say yes.

headpieces for brides from verbena madrid

headpieces for brides from verbena madrid

headpieces for brides from verbena madrid

headpieces for brides from verbena madrid

Photos: @verbenamadrid / Headpieces from Verbena Madrid

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