In love with the new collection of María Baraza

vestidos de novia Maria Baraza Colección 2019

Every time I recive an email from my friend and stylist Rodolfo Mcartney, I discover an atelier of wedding dresses capable of removing all the sensations of the world at once. Today it’s the turn of María Baraza. His designs captivate for their delicacy and romanticism; soft and light with very romantic touches with lace, tulle, gauze, ruffles and bows … in the purest style of Juliet. They are the ideal dresses for simple, elegant, romantic brides … but also sophisticated.

Today’s photos take us to the dunes of Tarifa, a place that captures the magic of designer María Baraza’s wedding dresses with such versatility. With a Maria Baraza you can get married in a small chapel, in the middle of the field, in the garden of a farm or in the desert. The important thing will be to choose the right model and look for the ideal accessories for the dress. If you marry in a natural environment, the Martina Dorta headpieces, with floral and animal details, reaffirm that connection between the style of the bride and the space. Light fabrics, transparencies and lace make the rest. María Baraza is a safe bet for natural and simple brides, very romantic and with a bohemian touch.

So are Victoria Imaz’s wedding dresses, whose designs move between care and nature; and the wedding dresses of José María Peiró, with natural designs of noble and authentic fabrics; but we will talk about them soon. ;) Of María Baraza I am left with her backs, her finishes, her sweetness, her know-how and her philosophy “to make it possible for everyone to reach what only a few could achieve until now”.
I leave you with the beautiful photos of one of the models from the 2019 collection of María Baraza, in a session held in Tarifa, by Alberto Zaldivar, surrounded by great team; and other models from his 2019 collection that have captivated me. Look!

vestidos de novia Maria Baraza Colección 2019
vestidos de novia Maria Baraza Colección 2019
vestidos de novia Maria Baraza Colección 2019

 La Colección 2019 de María Baraza en Tarifa vestidos de novia Maria Baraza Colección 2019

vestidos de novia Maria Baraza Colección 2019

Ohot Credits of Tarifa Shooting: 
Photo: Alberto Zaldivar
Dresses: María Baraza
Headpieces: Martina Dorta 
Coordination: Desirée Espinosa de AD WorlStudio
Style: Rodolfo Mcartney de NoQuiero Agencia
Makeup and hairstylish: Jorge Fortes
Model: Ara Jurado

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