A wedding list and a dream honeymoon

wedding list honeymoon corte inglés

Few days ago I read an article about Millennial Weddings in Vogue. You know, that types of weddings celebrated by people born between 1981 and 1995 (we do it?) in which don’t miss a banquet called party; a bridal dress you can wear after the wedding, stylish (fashionable?) and comfortable; a bouquet made with natural flowers of the season; a catering offering “homemade cakes”; a hashtag for following the party on social networks, alive music and a country bucolic place where celebrate your reception. If your wedding is being in a friend’s cottage, your wedding will be the top. In spite of this and being honest, there are some things you must have in your wedding: a wedding list and a dream travel to an exotic place. Call me traditional, but there are few things as exciting as a long honeymoon travel.

A wedding list and a perfect travel

wedding list honeymoon corte inglés

With BodaMás  service you can design a perfect wedding easily and if you open your wedding list in El Corte Inglés ( you can do it in your next center) you could transfer until a 50% of your amount to your account; and you will get loads of advantages, including a great discount on your wedding travel.  And… start dreaming, because there are more advantages:

Until a 10% off in your wedding dress

You could save until a 10% off in your purchases in El Corte Inglés or in your “must haves” for your wedding: fashion, bridal dresses, suits, engagement rings, shoes, accessories, home, toys… from six months before and 12 months after your wedding . If we consider that a wedding is usually very expensive, it is a good deal.  Besides, you can use discounts after your wedding.

A wedding travel with a great discount until 20% off

The honeymoon is one of the more exciting things for a couple when they are getting married. I’m not surprised. Thailand, Bali, Maldives, Japan and, surely, Europe. I came back in love with Venezia, a beautiful place where spend few days if your idea is travelling through the north of Italy on your own way. I remember you that Viajes el Corte Inglés offers you until a 20% off on your wedding travel. Dreaming is free, but travelling isn’t ;)

A personal shopper for you and three people more without costs

If you thing that a discount is a good deal, when we talk about tips… it goes without saying. Sometimes, we start looking-for our dress excited but after a few hours, we are hopeless. In these cases, we’d thank an expert advice: tips about colour, accessories, patterns… If you hire BodaMás service for help you to organize your wedding, you will get a Personal Shopper for you and three people you choose.

Believing in an expert team, it’s one of the most important things on your date, because you need to believe that they will be there to facing unexpected surprises. Counting on a great team is very important for your date and in any event. ¡It is worth!

wedding list honeymoon corte inglés

* Visit bodamas.com for more information. If you have any question please contact by phone 900 373 111 or email novios@bodamas.com. (Spain)

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