Removing the wrinkles of the forehead with botox

Removing the wrinkles of the forehead with botox

It was clear that as soon as I said the words “Botox and wrinkles on my forehead”, it was going to make a little shock on my Instagram. And I was not wrong, when I published the “news”, I started receiving messages like “Did you have botox injected? but why? You do not need botox, you’re very young! Good to say it! Well done! We prefer natural beauty but you are very pretty. Have not you been afraid?

So many questions made me realize that most people do not know what Botox is, what it is for, what kind of treatments are done with this medicine, how much it is, what effects it has, what care is needed after injecting botulinum toxin, the results that are achieved and the dangers or side effects of Botox (if they happen) …. And that “is one of the most requested treatments, most used but less known, and currently almost as requested as lip retouching or aumentation, which is being a boom in recent years, “Dr. Mª José Burgués explained to me just a few days ago at Medicina Estética Mesbur center.

Even so, Botox is still a taboo beauty treatment. On the one hand, because we understand the concept of natural beauty, like “biological beauty” which doesn’t tricks or treatments. But, wait! I know very beautiful women who have not use creams or any kind of serum and this is too visible. To me, natural beauty is what brings a beautiful appearance without obvious retouching; and that conception of beauty, accepts the care and retouchings that each one considers to find harmony in his face and his body.

On the other hand, behind the word Botox, there are famous faces that have abused of the injections of this medicine and that we all remember for looking like caricatures of what they once were. But there are also celebrities, it girls, fashion bloggers, who you would never say that they have put on Botox (take a look at this InViptus article) and they look fantastic.

Honestly, I do not think it’s a treatment that is to take it secretly. I have several facial treatments done, from peelings, cleanings, hydrating masks, Spectrum Mask sessions, treatments with hyaluronic acid and carboxytherapy, Facial LPG sessions and Body LPG. You can see them all in my Instagram profile (featured Beautyful). But the last one it’s remove the wrinkles of the forehead with botox.

Removing the wrinkles of the forehead with botox

In my case I had a hyper expressiveness in the face that together with my thin skin and tendency to dehydrate, caused many wrinkles on the forehead. Honestly, it did not worry me much either. But I was worried about frown lines. Those wrinkles were barely noticeable in the early morning, but marked as an ax at the end of the night; after frowning 12 hours, by the sun or by any fleeting thought. And I have always been super expressive.  Anyone could see my ideas before I can hide them.

Despite being in the best hands, – of Dr. Burgués and Dr. Betancourt – submitting to a few Botox injections made me afraid. I had the same doubts and the same anguish as all the girls who have written to me through Instagram these days: Why is it called toxin? Does It hurt? How long does it last? Are there side effects? Is it true that Botox paralyzes the muscle? Can I have a dumb eyelid? In fact, I kept repeating to Dr. Betancourt “Please, Cristina, do not let my eyebrow fall” and that of “Please, only a bit of botox”.

As I know, I will receive more questions in this line. I advance the answers, assuming the risk of making me heavy ….

Fears, doubts and myths about Botox

  • What is the Botox? Botulinum toxin – known as Botox (the brand name of the first drug of this type to be marketed) – is actually the toxin that botulism produces. It takes advantage of its ability to produce muscle relaxation to be used for medical purposes in the treatment of certain neurological diseases and, in aesthetic medicine, for remove expression wrinkles, which is why it is best known. It is a medicine that has multiple applications in medicine: strabismus, migraines, facial paralysis…


  • How much does a Botox treatment cost? It depends on the aesthetic clinics and the professionals who perform the treatment, as well as the initial diagnosis. You can ask to Mesbur Medicia Estética (in Huesca) or to BJC Medical (Zaragoza). With a bit of luck, the area to be treated may be small and the price of a #Babybotox treatment is more affordable.


  • Does Botox injections in the forehead hurt? Honestly, I felt like punctures with something of stinging. But if I have put it up, anyone can do it.


  • How is the treatment? How long does it last? After the diagnosis, the doctor marks the area in which there is a puncture, the botulinum toxin is prepared and injected. The more quantity, the more muscle relaxation. In this way, asymmetries are corrected. During the 4 hours following the application, you should avoid doing sports and sudden movements to prevent the Botox migrates to another area. After the treatment you will not see the final results until 10 days have passed. And after 15 days, you should do a review to see if any area is unnatural and make appropriate corrections. By the way, the botox is injected only in the upper third of the face. The results of a treatment with Botox are not permanent; They last 6 months. After 6 months, another application of Botox is recommended.


  • Can I have an eye fallen if it is injected badly? You can have an eye fallen if you ignore the instructions given by the doctor and practice sports, facial massages or sudden movements. If this were the case, it is reversible with an eye drop; and if the doctor is not professional and click where you should not. That is why I recommend that you always go to specialized centers that have all the clinical and medical colleague guarantees.


  • Is there any age for botox? No, there is no age for Botox. He has skins and faces that need to put on Botox before others. If you wear botox, when your wrinkles are already very advanced, you will delay that they mark more but they will look slightly. Afterwards, treatments are carried out to finish the disguise, for example, by filling them with hyaluronic acid.

Before and after Botox

After overcoming fear and seeing the first results, it is no wonder that Botox is the star of aesthetic medicine treatments. it corrects asymmetries and brings light to the face. To me, this has been the first and only time, at the moment…  And here, there are the results. What is your opinion?

Removing the wrinkles of the forehead with botox -before and after

BEFORE  / AFTER                                                                                      BEFORE / AFTER

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